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Filter Update: YOLO!

Hey Retricans!

We hope that you’ve been enjoying Retrica 5.0 and most recently, Hashtag Events. Today, we’re excited to let you experiment with a brand new set of filters! The ‘YOLO Filter Pack’ is available for download now.

Here’s a quick break down of our four new filters:


This one is all about you! The ‘YO.’ filter draws a dynamic grid over your screen and focuses it all on you!


You only love Retrica right? Use this filter and send it to your special someone



Take your selfies ‘Live’ this filter adds a gritty and realistic live camera feel to your pictures and video!


Party all night! We only live once, you know?

We can’t wait to see what creative and exciting ways you use the YOLO filters! Send through your favorites  to and we’ll feature the best.

– Team Retrica

Introducing: Hashtag Events

Greetings, Retricans!

We’re ready to show you a new way to share and connect with Discover. Introducing Hashtag Events.

What is a Hashtag Event?

A Hashtag event is a limited time tile that will appear on the Discover homepage. When you upload, you’ll have the choice to just upload to your profile or participate in the event.

How does it work?

Now, when you take a photo with Retrica, you’ll get the option to add it to the ‘Hashtag events’ feed. 

All you’ll need to do is check the box underneath ‘My Selfie’ and you’re done! Your pictures will be shown in the Hashtag Event tile., go on and participate in today’s event!

Hashtag events are a great way for the Retrica community to come together and for you to show off your take on the event and gain some exposure for your profile!

We’re launching Hashtag events with everyone’s ‘favorite’ time of the year…

#Backtoschool! 👩‍🎓 👨‍🎓📚

Snap your best back to school preparation, a new outfit or sad face and add it to the Hashtag Event!

Let’s continue to discover more together.

– Team Retrica

Top 5 Retricans – August 2017

Top 5 Retricans – August 2017

Greetings Retricans!

It has almost been a month since we launched Retrica Discover in version 5.0. It’s crazy how time flies!

Since launch, we’ve seen hundreds of thousands of photos and likes from Retricans all over the world. To celebrate our first month, we’ve decided to put the spotlight on our top ten Retricans for the month of August.

g_soccer25 | United States on Messenger 1.0 

alexisvarera2002 | United States on Messenger 1.0  

klejdis | Albania on LG G5

ro669 | Romania on LG G5 

dilay_104 | Turkey on LG G5 

There you have it! Congratulations to our top five.

If you’d like to improve your chances of making next month’s list, take a look at our first installment of ‘Retrica Selfie School‘ and make sure you have the basics of a good selfie down. Good luck and see you next month!

– Team Retrica

Retrica Selfie School 1 – The Basics

Retrica Selfie School 1 – The Basics

Taking the perfect selfie can be…daunting. There are so many options when it comes to angles, lighting, filters…the list goes on.

At Retrica, we like to think of ourselves as the ‘Selfie Experts’ and for good reason! Retricans take over 80 million selfies every day!

To help you capture the ‘perfect selfie, we asked Mira and Adele from the design department for their thoughts on what makes a good selfie. With their tips and tricks, you too can tear up the Retrica featured user charts.



Mira: One of the easiest and most important things when it comes to taking a good selfie, or photo in general, is getting the lighting right. First, find your main source of light. If it’s behind you, you could end up with a dark silhouette and a very bright background. If you face directly into the light, you may be left with a very blown out image.

The trick is to find a light source that isn’t too strong and doesn’t dominate your picture. The ‘golden hour’ (just after the sun rises or is about to set) is the perfect time to capture light that won’t overpower your selfies. Also, try to face a natural light from a large window or office lights that aren’t directly overhead.

Angles and Pose!

Adele: Like every other good selfie-taker, I know how to capture my ‘good side’. My first tip is for you to experiment with both sides of your face angled toward the camera. Pay attention to your jawline, too. ‘Popping’ it in or out can drastically change the shape of your face on camera.

The height of the camera can also draw attention to different parts of your face. Just be careful to not go too high or too low and be creative about your angles!

So experiment and have fun! Eventually, you’ll find ‘your pose’ and be able to bust it out at any time and be confident in how you’ll come out.

Use Filters to Your Advantage 

Mira: This is a big one that’s easy to miss! Retrica is a great tool that can spice up any selfie in seconds. But, did you know that each filter can be ‘tuned’ when it comes to how much effect it has on a picture?

I think it’s always worth experimenting with the amount a filter is applied to a photo. Especially if the lighting in your picture is already good. A slight overlay from a filter can add a final level of polish to an already strong photo.

So, there you have it! Hopefully, you found something new in our tips for the modern 2017 selfie taker. Did we miss something? Submit your tips and examples to with some before/after pics and we’ll be happy to feature you!

App Store Google Play

If you’re a server developer, android developer, image processing developer, or an aspiring regional manager and you like the culture we described above, apply today!

How Friendship built Retrica

How Friendship built Retrica

When you join a company that your friend has started, people will most likely come up to you, look sadly into your eyes and say something along the lines of, “Hey buddy, good luck. If you need anything…I’m here for you.”

I guess it’s understandable. Many businesses founded on friendship tend to fail when the foundation weathers away under the stress of a competitive business environment.

But, that’s what makes us unique at Retrica: We found a way to make it work.

Two of our software engineers, Sam Yang and James Jeong, have been friends with Sangwon Park (CEO of Retrica) for seven years and were among the first ones to take the plunge and join the team.

Here are some insights into how they managed to make it work.

1. Throw hierarchy out the window, but decide who makes the final decision

Meeting rooms at Retrica HQ are named after the app’s most popular filters

Creating a non-hierarchical (or “flat”) organization is extremely important. It creates an environment where everyone can co-exist, unfettered by titles and obligations.

Sam said, “Previously, we all worked for larger firms and we disliked how hierarchical they were. I felt like I didn’t matter to the company. We did not want this for Retrica because I read that workplace equality can stimulate great communication, so we strived to create a flat organization. We tried it and it was a huge success! Everyone became more comfortable sharing ideas, and giving constructive criticism.”

However, Sam went on to explain the importance of establishing who makes the final decision for the company, saying, “By the time we joined the team, Sangwon had created the app and developed a significant user base. So, we understood from the start that he was the main visionary behind the product and Retrica as a company would be most successful by finding effective ways to support his endeavors. We believed in his insight, so we never had to quarrel over who was the boss.”

2. Positive experiences build company culture

Each and every experience you share with the team helps develop a culture tailor-made for your team.

For Retrica, it was a trip to ‘Korea’s Hawaii’, Jeju Island, that set the groundwork for our current company culture.

James said, “We went to Jeju Island to escape the co-working space. The space was too crowded for us to focus in. We could literally hear other startups brainstorming. So, we decided to escape for two weeks. Lo and behold, the experience was amazing. We would code all day and talk (and drink) all night. I believe this outing helped develop stronger team chemistry. We weren’t ‘working’; we were just having fun trying to achieve our dream. At the end of two weeks, we had created the first version of the GIF feature you see on Retrica today.”

Sam added, “That trip really shaped our mentality towards work. We truly believe that people produce the best results when they have the freedom to think creatively and have fun while doing it. In Retrica, there are absolutely no limits on the kind of impact you can make on the team. One of our core values is to see that no resources are wasted when it comes to work. We love proactive people who are always looking out to not only better themselves but also the company’s well-being. If a person has a great idea, they have the freedom to pursue it and we will support them all the way.”

3. Sharing a goal and a vision for the company

Once you know what you want to ultimately achieve together, it makes everything else easier.

Sam said, “All the members on the team work so that Retrica will develop into a community in which the users can thrive by expressing their individual identities. We do not want to be known as just a selfie app. Ultimately, I think we want to leverage our fame to achieve greater things. We hope that one day we can give something back to the community that helped us become what we are.”

At Retrica, we couldn’t have achieved so much success without our shared dream and company culture. We’re actually looking for more people to join us on our journey.

If you’re a server developer, android developer, image processing developer, or an aspiring regional manager and you like the culture we described above, apply today!

Thanks To You 6,000,000 Reviews!

Thanks To You 6,000,000 Reviews!

Hey Retricans!

Since our launch in 2012, user experience has been one of our top priorities that have helped us grow. Your feedback has been the backbone of how Retrica changed over the last five years.

Thanks to you, we are proud to announce that we’ve just hit over 6 million reviews! That’s the most any dedicated selfie app has EVER received.

We want what you want. So, we read and re-read every single comment on the App Store and Google Play.

Our latest Filters, Decoration tools (Stickers, Stamps, Doodle, and Text), My Memories, and now Discover, give you the power to create and connect with each other across the world.

Over the last 12 months, we’ve seen a big increase in activity from India and a huge surge of new users from Brazil, Italy, Russia, and Turkey.

But no matter where you’re from, we thank you for your continued support and feedback. It’s because of you Retrica has become what it is today.

If there’s a feature that you would like to see, let us know by leaving a review on your platform of choice:

App Store | Google Play

Here’s to the next 6 million reviews, and let’s discover more together.

– Team Retrica

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