About Retrica


Retrica is loved for its unparalleled quality and ability to combine a variety of colors and shades all over the world including the United States, one of the hottest battlefields for mobile apps. Retrica, which helps record full scene experience, captivates not only general users but also content creators with its passion for filters.


Retrica’s layered circles are represented the numerous filters and insights that help Retricans take their scene with variety of colors and lights.

Key Milestones

  • Nov. 2012 Launched Retrica
  • Oct. 2014 Reached 120 million accumulated downloads
  • May 2015 Ranked 9th in the list of most-downloaded apps in the world
  • Oct. 2015 Attracted investments worth 6 million dollars from Bessemer Venture Partners, Goodwater Capital, and Altos Ventures
  • Sep. 2018 Reached 350 million accumulated downloads
  • Jun. 2019 Reached 420 million accumulated downloads
  • Jul. 2019 Started Retrica Season 2 (Chapter 2)